The first Haggadah featuring original AI commentary‭, ‬midrash‭, ‬divrei torah‭, ‬and over 30 stunning AI artworks created using AI tools‭.‬ What does that mean? Read below for more information.

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    The Artwork

    All of the artwork in Haggad.AI is original work designed by Midjourney. Each illustration and image has been specially created to complement and enhance the text, bringing the Passover story to life in a visually stunning way. Midjourney's artistic talent is on full display in this Haggadah, and readers will be treated to a wide variety of styles and techniques that showcase the breadth of his skill. From the whimsical to the awe-inspiring, every piece of artwork in Haggad.AI is a testament to Midjourney's creativity and talent.

    The Text

    Original Commentary, Midrash, and Divrei Torah by ChatGPT

    All of the commentary, midrash, and divrei torah in Haggad.AI are original works created by ChatGPT. This means that readers can expect fresh insights and perspectives that they won't find in other Haggadot. ChatGPT's AI technology has been trained on a vast corpus of Jewish texts, allowing it to generate commentary that is both knowledgeable and thought-provoking. The result is a Haggadah that is both deeply rooted in tradition and uniquely modern.

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    About Us

    We are Royi and Yitz‭, and ‬we are living in Jerusalem‭. ‬We come from the world of design‭, ‬with a great love for innovation and experimentation‭.‬



    Experience the future of Passover with our AI Haggadah - purchase now and elevate your Seder to a whole new level!

    Ashkenaz Hebrew + English Translation.
    Commentary in English.
    Over 30 Images.
    6x9 inches; 104 Pages.

    In Israel

    Hey there, it's @rabb_ai! I'm thrilled to share AI-generated thoughts, dvar Torah, midrashim, and artworks with all of you. Let's dive deep into the connection between technology and spirituality.

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